The poncho is really useful

Bridging the gap between rain jackets and pack covers, rain ponchos leave no seam uncovered when it comes to foul weather. The best rain ponchos are the Swiss Army knives of precipitation protection. Keeping you and your gear dry from head to mid-thigh is reason enough to consider purchasing a poncho, and the fact that many can double as a shelter only sweetens the deal.
We’ve laid out the highlighted the versatility of rain ponchos and how they differ from rain jackets. Find the best rain protection for your needs.

Rain Ponchos vs. Rain Jackets

Quite simply, the primary difference between a rain poncho and a rain jacket is going to be the fit. Where rain jackets contour to your body as you would expect from any jacket, ponchos take a drape-it-over-everything approach to rain protection. The fit benefits hikers in many ways — to the degree that some of you may be surprised — and of course, there are some drawbacks.

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Rain Poncho Pros

• Rain ponchos tend to hang lower than your hips (which is where most jackets make their cutoff), and some cover down to your knees.
• Body-length protection from rain
• In most cases saves you from also needing rain pants.
• Ponchos often provide better ventilation than jackets
• The loose fit helps, as does zippered vents (under the arms or down the middle), which rain jackets sometimes have but not always.
• Many poncho models also protect your entire backpack and can be converted into a shelter, providing versatility with which jackets simply cannot compete.

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Rain Poncho Cons

• Rain ponchos, when compared to jackets, are typically made from thinner, less durable materials, so keep an eye out for trailside thorns and twigs. This is due to the fast and light idea of a rain poncho, and because if it was made of thicker fabric it would be a much heavier item in your pack, given how much more fabric a poncho has than a jacket.
• If you’re into style — in any way shape or form — a poncho may cramp it. Jackets are form-fitting. Ponchos are not.

Convert a poncho to a sirvival tarp shelter

If you need to bug out or pack light, then you’ll want to embrace any gear that can serve multiple uses.
We all know that ponchos are great for rain gear, but did you know they can slaso act as a shelter of tent.

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This is where the far-reaching rain protection of ponchos leaves jackets in the mud. Beyoned protecting you and your backpack from bad weather while hiking, the higher quality ponchos can be converted into the shelters with the help of a few tent stakes and a trekking pole.

Post time: Jun-11-2022